From Left: Sheri Adkins, Margaret Crowley, Stephanie
Shamroski, Susan Gee Heino, Karin Shah, Marcia James
Some of our Central Ohio gals at
the RITA/Golden Heart Awards
A Flock of Finalists, Friends and Family Members.
All dolled-up!
Gown by Susan;
Hair by Sheri;
Make-up by Karin;
Spray-Tan by Margaret;
and Nervous Ulcer
by RWA!
name tags with
RITA Finalist
Emily Gee
Golden Heart
Stephanie, Karen Harper, Margaret
Take a peek at these shots from RWA's 2008
National Conference in beautiful
San Francisco, July 30-Aug. 2.
Guy Alert!
Sherrilyn Kenyon had the best goodies at her signing table!
With Donna MacMeans at the Book Signing
to support Literacy.
And the Golden Heart
goes to...  Me?
You could have knocked
me over with a stick, and
that's not just because of
the ungodly high heels. I
truly did not expect to
win and it's only thanks to
so many, many others that
I did. If only I'd prepared a
speech like we were told
to! Thank you, my family
and friends. You were up
there on stage with me.
Here I am with last year's Historical Regency
Golden Heart winner, Deb Marlowe.
The Pixie Chicks!
Well, all right. These might
not ALL be Pixies. But I'm
sure Nora wishes she was!
Historical Conference
This year The Beaumonde and Hearts Through History
chapters worked together to put on a one-day
conference focusing on Historical Romance. The
workshops were great, but the highlight for me was the
Soiree, sponsored by The Beaumonde. Many folks arrived
in their Regency finest and our Dancing Master taught us
several dances from the time period. It was exhausting!
Jane Austen must have been in really, really good
shape--that's all I've got to say about it.
I didn't get nearly enough photos of
the amazing dresses. Some people
came fully decked out like they'd
just left an 1815 London ball!
Patty Cake with Stephanie.
The musicians were great.
(Recorders, yes. But an accordion?)
The Dancing Master was a riot.