About Me

I was always one of those kids constantly writing
stories and forcing my parents—and my sisters,
teachers, friends, neighbors, and the family dog—to
read them. I wrote stories about everything from
animals and Star Wars to worms and haunted
school buses. One thing was constant, though:
there was always a happy ending.

In college, my talents led my into the Theatre
where I discovered writing scripts for others to
perform was a whole lot more fun than memorizing
someone else's. After several years working with
improvisational groups, collegiate drama, small
community theatres, church drama ministries, and
whatever other job helped to pay the bills, I figured it
was time to  settle down. I accepted the permanent
role of preacher’s wife and child herder.

To preserve my sanity, I took my love of happy endings and began to focus  on writing
romance. In 2008 I won RWA’s Golden Heart ® Award in the Regency Historical category and
my first book, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE, was published by Berkley Sensation in 2009.
Since then, I have gone on to publish multiple Regency Historical Romances as well as a new
Contemporary Romance series. Under my pen name, Serena Gilley, I write The Forbidden
Realm fantasy romance series for Grand Central publishing, with sexy, magical creatures in a
world where passion is forbidden and true love plays a dangerous game.

Today I'm living out my own Happily-Ever-After in rural Ohio with an ever-changing
menagerie of creatures, my very supportive husband, and the two most adorable --and
frighteningly creative-- children imaginable. We are all addicted to happy endings,
and that seems to be working out just fine.
Susan Gee Heino