A Regency Romance Collection--tender tales
inspired by favorite Mother Goose rhymes

Seven well-loved rhymes from Mother Goose have
been cleverly adapted into seven surprising and
sweet Regency Romance Stories.

Mother Goose nursery rhymes have been with us
for hundreds of years. Those dashing heroes and
spunky heroines from our favorite Regency
Romance novels probably grew up reciting Little
Miss Muffet or Jack and Jill.

Now some of these well-known rhymes have been
given full Regency Romance treatment. These
Mother Goose characters are all done up in muslin
and breeches, cavorting at balls, navigating the ton,
and ready to meet their own happy endings.
Bonnets & Sonnets
by Susan Gee Heino
Wilt Thou Be Mine
Based on the rhyme “Curley-Locks”
Edward Jasper has made his fortune and returns to confront the cruel, greedy master who
previously abused him. He finds the tables have turned now! Things are not going well for Mr.
Waterford or his once-pampered daughter, Priscilla. Edward must make a choice: is the love of an
old friend worth forgetting his painful past, or will Edward choose vengeance instead?

The Spider Beside Her
Based on the rhyme “Little Miss Muffet”
Miss Lizzie Muffet is so timid and shy that gentlemen never even notice her. But there's something
special about Mr. Snyder! The elegant caller seems too good to be true. Can she trust his silken
words, or is he spinning lies to ensnare gullible young women? Miss Muffet wonders if she has
spent her day with Mr. Snyder, or with Mr. Spider.

Tumbling Down After
Based on the rhyme “Jack and Jill”
Fetching water isn't the only reason Jack and Jill went up that hill! Once their feuding families find
out, though, all hope for future happiness comes tumbling down. It will take much more than vinegar
and brown paper to patch everything up again. But maybe, just maybe, Jack and Jill aren't the only
ones who find themselves falling head over heels...

Too Contrary to Marry
Based on the rhyme “Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary”
Worried widow, Mary Sinclair, has spent years tending her quiet garden and sheltering her five
lovely daughters. Now Mary’s friend, Mr. Wilkinson, offers to take them all to a ball. Mary wants to
say No, but for the sake of her daughters, will she finally say Yes to love?

The Tales Behind Them
Based on the rhyme “Little Bo Peep”
Beatrice Shepherd is a spinster school mistress at very proper academy. She knows from
experience how easily a young lady can fall for the wrong man! When her little flock of schoolgirls
turns up missing, there is only one man to turn to. Lucius Wolfe is more than willing to help but
being with him again will dredge up all the painful tales behind them...

When the Clock Strikes
Based on the rhyme “Dickery, Dickery, Dock”
A broken clock, a broken home, and a widow who refuses to let time march on. Governess Lydia
Springfield is struggling to help the children in her care find happiness. When she’s drawn into a
midnight mouse-chase with a mischievous kitten and the man of her dreams, it might just be the
time of her life.

What a Good Boy
Based on the rhyme “Little Jack Horner”
It’s the Christmas season and Lord Barnaby has guests. Miss Mable Horner is an impoverished
friend, soon to leave England forever. When the famous Barnaby Plum Drop jewel goes missing,
Miss Horner’s brother, Jack, is accused of stealing it! Can Barnaby catch the real thief, retrieve the
valuable gem, and win his true love before her ship sails?
Brand new for
Februrary 2019