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Free Read for May 2018
"Wilt Thou Be Mine?"  
by Susan Gee Heino
Based on the rhyme, "

Edward Jasper has made his fortune and returns
to confront the cruel, greedy master who once
abused him. He finds the tables have turned,
though! Now he must make a choice: is the love of
an old friend worth forgetting his painful past, or
will Edward choose vengeance instead?     
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Free Read for June 2018
"The Spider Beside Her"
by Susan Gee Heino
based on the rhyme,
"Little Miss Muffet"

Miss Lizzie Muffet is so timid and shy that gentlemen never even
notice her. But there's something special about Mr. Snyder! The
elegant caller seems too good to be true. Can she trust his silken
words, or is he spinning lies to ensnare gullible young women?
Miss Muffet wonders if she has spent her day
with Mr. Snyder, or with Mr. Spider.
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Susan Gee Heino
Mother Goose has been around for hundreds of years. The
characters I write about in my Regency Romances probably grew up
Hey Diddle-Diddle or Jack and Jill. I thought it might be
amusing to take some of these rhymes and turn them into stories.

"Tumbling Down After"
by Susan Gee Heino
based on the rhyme,
"Jack and Jill"

Fetching water isn't the only reason Jack and Jill went up that
hill! Once their feuding families find out, though, all hope for
future happiness comes tumbling down. It will take much more
than vinegar and brown paper to patch everything up again!
But maybe, just maybe, Jack and Jill aren't the only ones who
find themselves falling
head over heels...
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