The Bride Can't Book
Book 1, The Garden Falls Series
Excerpt from The Bride Can't Cook:

  John Easton Smith pulled off his sunglasses and sauntered into Granny's Kitchen. Ah, the familiar sound of
clattering dishes and that wonderful cowbell. Sounds he hadn't heard for far too long. This was one place in
Garden Falls he was actually glad to see again.
  And smell again. Mmm. Nobody could feed a growing boy like Granny could. And he sure hadn't found
anyone to cook like her out in California. What was it today? Bologna and kraut—and something else. Burnt
plastic? That was weird.
  He let his eyes adjust to the indoor lighting. The place hadn't changed much. Same patchwork curtains, same
brown plastic booths, same—
Marti Snowden. There she was, apologizing over the Townsend's, who also looked pretty much the same
except that they were wet. Was that an entire pitcher of Coke dumped over them? More important, was that the
same little peach-colored uniform Marti used to wear? It fit a lot better now.
  She bent over to start wiping up the floor. Oh yeah, the uniform fit a whole lot better these days. Hell, he’d
thought he was prepared for seeing her again. He’d thought wrong.
  Phil Townsend quit leering at Marti long enough to glance up and notice him.
  "Well, look what the cat dragged in!"
  His wife craned her neck and squealed. "Ooo! It's Johnny Smith!"
  Everyone froze. Every eye in the place shifted to stare at him. He didn't really care. He was used to that.
Besides, he was busy staring at Marti.
  Scuttling out from under the table, she conked her head. When she tried to stand up, she conked it again. This
knocked her down onto her bouncy little backside and she was left sitting in a puddle of Coke, blinking up at
him in shock.
  Wow, he'd missed her.
  "Hi, Marti," he said.
  "And what in God's name are you doing here?" she asked.

Marti Snowden knows the only way to save her
grandmother's diner is to win the Family Favorites
cook-off. Trouble is, Granny's sick and Marti can’t
cook. But old flame Easton Smith sure can! The
hard-bodied cooking show host seems more than
willing to help out. There's just one problem: the
competition is open only to family-owned
businesses. For the sake of Granny's lifelong
dream, Marti agrees to marry the man who
scrambled her heart. But will they get burned by this
half-baked scheme, or is it a recipe for love?