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The Garden Falls
Cook Book

Tried and true recipes from
Granny's Kitchen

by Susan Gee Heino

edited by Melody Knopf
Milly Snowden is the delightful owner and operator of Granny's Kitchen. There's not a
soul in fictional Garden Falls, Ohio, who hasn't eaten Granny's down-home food and
gone away without a smile. Her secret recipe stash is the envy of all the Garden Falls
church ladies and Granny stubbornly protects her secrets. Somehow, though, a few
choice recipes have found their way into this collection right here.

Milly Snowden and Granny's Kitchen are the inventions of author Susan Gee Heino.
Susan has used some of her own family recipes, along with those gathered from her best
friend and Kitchen Goddess, Melody Knopf, as the basis for Granny's prize-winning
meals. Susan and Melody hope you find new favorites for your own family here in this

Granny has been allowed to make some editorial comments along the way, and that's
probably a good thing. Her granddaughter, Marti, just got married and wants to impress
her new husband by serving up some of his favorite dishes. The trouble is, Marti needs
all the help she can get. Despite Granny's best efforts, Marti's an absolute menace in the

Marti's disastrous attempts in the kitchen have a happy ending, though. We're sure you'll
be just as pleased with your efforts, too. These recipes aren't fancy, but Granny takes
great pride in each and every one of them. Have fun trying them out, and may your
kitchen always be full of good food, great friends, and true love.