Excerpt from  Damsel In Disguise      

“So what do I owe you for the rescue, my lord?” she asked, wriggling into a more upright position, her knees pulled
tightly toward her chest.

“You can’t even approach what you owe me, Julia.”

“Very well, then. I’ll simply say thank you and leave it at that.”

Leave it at that? Indeed, he supposed he should. But he wouldn’t.

“Not on your life,” he said and was foolish enough to touch her.

He stroked her shoulder where the skin was exposed. A bolt of unexpected lightning coursed through his veins and his
fingers flexed. She was warm, soft. Somehow he hadn’t expected that. It seemed after becoming Mrs. Fitzgelder she
should have turned as cold and serpent-like as her damned husband. But she hadn’t. Her skin was as perfect as he
remembered it.

His hand ached for more of her so he slid his fingers down to hook the blanket. Slowly, he dragged it lower until it hung
off her shoulder and she had to clutch it against herself to remain covered. She glared at him, her dangerous eyes
tempting and warning at the same time. He’d be an absolute fool to continue.

Then again, he’d always been her fool, hadn’t he? He’d believed her lies; he’d fallen for her deception. He’d promised to
make her his wife, for God’s sake. And even after three years, the woman still occupied his mind and tortured his
England, 1816.
After learning of a conspiracy to kill her estranged lover, a
courageous beauty stages an attempt to save his life--no matter
how many times she may have wished him dead...

An actress by trade, Julia St. Clement has never played a part so
dangerous. With cropped hair, a false mustache, and her friend
Sophie posing as her "wife", Julia sets out to warn Lord Anthony
Rastmoor of the cruel plot against him.

Despite his betrayal years ago, she still loves him. Rastmoor,
however, believes Julia died in another man's bed. His memories
of their painful affair have left him wary of everyone. For
instance, there's something very odd about this young couple he's
just met, especially the husband. The man's face seems so
familiar... and too pretty, somehow...

Then shots rip through the night and Julia's "wife" disappears.
Rastmoor and Julia are left to form an uneasy alliance. It'll only
be a matter of time before he unmasks her--and with a past so
passionate, there's no telling what will happen when he does.
Damsel in Disguise
(Book 2--Warwickshire Series)