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Each year Red Door Reads tries to lessen the sting of Tax Day by giving readers something
special. This year we asked our readers what they'd like to read,
and we wrote it!

"The Road Home"
is truly a group effort.
Each chapter was written by a different Red Door author. It is vibrant, unpredictable,
and full of emotional twists and turns.
On release day, each author will post their chapter-- FREE!  
This is our treat to you, our readers.

Coming April 15, 2016
The Road Home
Matthew Chadwick just inherited an island off the coast of Maine. The last time he was here he left
Anne Bartlett in tears. Anne has spent her adult life trying to forget this blue-eyed Marine. But
Matthew's return stirs up old feelings--and something more. Someone doesn't want him back on the
island. As Matthew digs into the past, it becomes clear more than just Anne's heart is in danger...

Join us on April 15th to follow their story.
Follow Red Door Reads along the road home!