Three stories in one!
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Three Tempting Tales of Lord Larry

What to do about Lord Larry? The man has more lives than a cat! The poor
scoundrel starts out facing a horrible death, so it hardly seems possible that
he'll find a happy ending. He does, though, and all those around him seem to
suffer the same fate. Follow Lord Larry through the plots and the schemes to
discover one undeniable fact: true love is the greatest conspiracy of all.
"The Delicate Plot to Bury Lord Larry"

Miss Netta Maitland really doesn't want to marry Lord Larry. It's his cousin, Lord
Gladbourne, who makes her heart beat faster, but he can't see her as anything more
than a childhood friend. What's a love-lorn lady to do? She'll help Larry fake his
own death, of course! Perhaps a pretend shooting, or explosion, or attempted
strangulation will finally allow Gladbourne to see her in a more romantic light. Some
days it's just murder for a lady to get what she wants.

Originally published in the
Fifty Ways to Kill Your Larry short story anthology.
"The Elegant Scheme to Marry Lord Larry"

Lord Larry is dead and Miss Cristina del Reyes is heartbroken—until a mysterious
letter arrives claiming his death was a sham. Larry is alive! Can she believe it?
Desperate for truth, she flees to London, pursued by her father and the Spanish
Grandee that Papá wants her to marry. Avoiding them is only part of her trouble.
She still has to decide what to do with Larry once she finds him. Should she punish
the bounder for his deception, or worse, marry the scheming scoundrel?

First time in publication!
"The Ghostly Goal of Scary Lord Larry"

Lord Larry and his new wife are hosting a house party. Miss Amelie D'Arnaud
would like to enjoy her visit, but Larry's friend Roland Bentley is playing havoc
with her heart. Why does the man prowl around, spying on her as if he suspects
her of dastardly doings? And what are the strange noises that shatter the night?
Amelie must get to the bottom of things or true love won't have a ghost of a chance.

A perfect read for dark and stormy nights...