Rogue of the Greenwood
(Book 8 in "A Legend to Love" Series)
1815, Nottinghamshire, England
Mr. Robert Locksley is not the great-great-grandson of the infamous
Robin Hood. He just happens to share the same name. And an estate
in Nottingham. And the shame of an addled grandfather who believed
the old legends, liked to don green hosen, and robbed from their
neighbors. This Robin Hood nonsense is nothing more than a source
of embarrassment for Robert and now that he’s come back from the
horrors of war, he wants nothing to do with violence or suffering or
Robin Hood again. It comes as quite a shock, then, when he
discovers his peaceful home is in chaos and he is presumed dead!
There’s a new sheriff in town and nothing in Nottingham is as it should
be. There’s only one thing Robert can do—bring Robin Hood back
to life.

Miss Marianne Maidland never quite outgrew her fascination with
stories of Robin Hood. She used to romp through Sherwood Forest
and dream of adventure. Returning to Nottingham now as a cultured
lady, she is sad to hear that Robert Locksley is dead and his beautiful
estate is falling to ruin. But the good people of Nottingham are
suffering, and she isn’t sure why. She knows what they need, though;
they need Robin Hood! If Robert isn’t here to take on the mantle,
then she will. How handy that she’s an excellent archer and has just
found Grandfather Locksley’s old Robin Hood costume!

Sparks fly—along with arrows—when these two would-be rogues
collide. Would they risk it all for the sake of a legend?
Sure would!